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What our clients say

   M. Macfie

“As a young health professional, seeking financial advice had never really occurred to me until I was setting up salary sacrificing. It had been portrayed negatively in the media with the banks providing inappropriate advice and I was unaware of all the benefits of having a completely independent person looking at your financial position and giving you clear and easy to interpret advice with no emotion attached.”

   F. Hess

“As I moved into the my fifties, I had cause to take stock of what I had achieved with my life and started to first contemplate the possibilities of life after work. As a highly paid senior executive, I noted that I had devoted an enormous amount of effort to ensuring that our company was successful economically. By comparison, the effort I directed towards my own economic success was underwhelming. In complete contrast with my management of company resources, my own investments reflected an accumulation of ad hoc decisions that were not particularly well linked to any specific financial goal.”

   A & E. Gryl

“The prospect of finding a Financial Planner is a daunting and overwhelming experience. The sheer volume of “advisers” available to discuss your financial situation with is almost as large as the number of financial products available to choose from.  This fact, coupled with an underlying feeling that some planners are only willing to advise “as long as it is financially beneficial for them” means that many people think that financial advice is something that should be done later in life when more equity/ disposable income is available to them.  This belief could not be more incorrect and results in many people seeking advice when it is too late to fully leverage the power of ‘compounding interest’.”

   B. Dean

“The main obstacle to my pursuit of financial services was that, I was then 55 yrs old, with retirement around the corner, had just come out of a 5 year financial disaster, where I had lost literally everything and was starting life again. My summation of my situation was that I lacked sufficient funds to make any investment worthwhile, and indeed never expected to own my own home again.”

   M & K. Mackay

“Working with the team at dozzi especially Ellie, has been extremely comforting and rewarding. From our first meeting, we were made to feel at ease and comfortable. Our fears and concerns regarding the risk of future loss were largely alleviated with patience, professionalism and a thorough knowledge of current markets and investments. Ellie confidently lead us through a strategy that would meet our needs and requirements, the entire time being mindful of the level of risk we were prepared to undertake. Ellie’s attention to detail ensured the entire process went smoothly and without stress.”

   L. Reardon

“I think everyone’s circumstances are different when it comes to financial advice, but I like to think we do have one thing in common, we all want the most we can get out of life. I know dozzi has helped me more than I could have ever imagined. From where I was to where I am now, it has been a great path and a very exciting one. Overall I feel like dozzi acts as a large security blanket over me knowing that my life and finances are in the best hands. Their unbiased advice brings a substantial amount of peace of mind.”

   D. Hastie

“Finding a financial advisor can be daunting, but I am so glad I made the move to dozzi as Caleb and his team have moved mountains to sort out my (somewhat complex) financial mess.

Caleb is personable, genuine, and easy to talk to, taking the time to really understand my history as well as point me in the right direction for a comfortable retirement. I like that he is not flashy or pretentious, but honest and highly knowledgable.”

H & D. Brisbane

“We have found the team at dozzi patient, engaging, efficient and willing to go the extra mile. We are pleased to again have some financial goal posts ahead and a path to follow going forward. We would recommend dozzi to anyone wanting independent financial advice on investments and insurance and particularly to those, who, like us, might need much encouragement to do the homework necessary to stay on track with ‘the plan‘.”

   T & K. Brisbane

“When friends suggested we talk with a Financial Adviser we were a bit blazé in our response! In our minds, and in all seriousness, we had it covered: Superannuation, Shares, Insurances… We were quietly confident as we headed closer to our retirement.

However, on consulting with Dozzi it soon became apparent that our ‘quiet confidence’ was possibly also blazé and we could benefit hugely from an unbiased, independent review of our financial position. Dozzi tailor-made a very sound, clear and intelligent strategy to create the wealth we need for our retirement.”

J & M. Toowoomba

“As a working couple with two young children, we don’t have a lot of time to keep up to date with our financial situation. As a result we were applying a ‘set and forget’ approach to our financial management, its course was not being directed by anyone and we were not actively taking steps to maximise our financial security. 

Now instead of making complex financial decisions with minimal information, we rest assured that our financial future is in the hands of an expert, looking over our investments, tailoring our financial strategy, comparing different financial products, watching out for risks, and reviewing our financial plan- so we don’t have to. We feel confident that Dozzi have consistently provided tangible results that save us money, maximise our investments and we avoid making financial mistakes or omissions that could cost us more than what we spend on advice.”

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