• Independent advice is one of our greatest achievements.
  • We believe value is achieved through partnering with an adviser who is free from financial incentives plaguing the financial planning industry.
  • Value is achieved not only from great advice, but also minimise costs – that includes financial planning fees.
  • Just because you’ve created more doesn’t mean you should pay a higher fee to an advice firm via percentage based fees.
  • Independence is achieved by having no financial incentive outside of our fixed client fees.
  • Home of the independent adviser.
  • Decades of experience in established ‘traditional’ financial planning firms.
  • Understand what works well and what works better.
  • Youthful.
  • Representing a new age of financial advisers.
  • Our only concern is what our clients want to achieve.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a cost to meet with dozzi?

There is no cost to discuss your personal financial situation and goals with dozzi.  To physically show you our point of difference and intentions dozzi will cover the time required internally to meet with you and develop your strategy over three meetings prior to proposing you become a client, at which stage we charge a fixed monthly fee. During this process there is no obligation to continue discussions with dozzi or become a client.

What do I need to bring?

The focus is on you at our meetings. Our data collection process about your personal financial situation can be arranged before or after your meeting and we aim to make this as simplistic for you as possible, however the more information you can provide, the more informative our first meeting can be.

How long does my appointment go for?

Your initial appointment with dozzi will take around 2 hours, though if you have time constraints please let us know so we can adapt to meet your needs.

Where can we meet?

We currently offer two locations at Newstead and Middle Park. Get in contact here!

Is there parking?

The locations of both our offices offer very convenient parking.

Newstead: parking is available within the Gasworks Plaza and the first two hours are free.

Middle Park: there is ample parking available and this is all free for an unlimited period of time

Can we have an online meeting instead?

Absolutely. If you prefer we have the facilities to offer video or telephone meetings with you.

What are the fees for leaving my current adviser and coming to dozzi?

There are no fees charged by dozzi to leave your current adviser and we will undertake the analysis to determine if there will be any ‘break costs’ associated with advice from your previous Financial Adviser .  We will assist with making this process as smooth as possible.

How much time do you need to put into this process?

Generally speaking over three separate meeting, we will spend between 4 and 6 hours together discussing your position, goals and strategy. In addition, dozzi will spend at least double that amount of time internally developing your strategy, gathering data and understanding your goals relative to potential outcomes. This work is undertaken at our cost (dozzi’s first contribution towards your goals) in order to provide you with the peace of mind that we are in the role of helping people. We believe you need to be informed of the potential value and outcomes of our advice prior to incurring any costs and becoming a client (at which point we charge a monthly fee).

Is there any obligation to proceed with dozzi after my first meeting?

Here is the best part, at no stage is there any obligation to proceed with the services of dozzi. We’ve structured our services in a way whereby dozzi does the work so that you can make an informed decision about partnering with dozzi before you outlay a cent. See FAQ ‘how much time do you need to put into this process’ for further clarification.

If you would like any further information in regards to seeing a financial adviser, head to the Australian Government’s website.

Is there really a difference from dozzi to other financial planning firms?

Yes, the difference fundamentally comes from our intentions. dozzi was designed from the ground up to fill the void of what we believed to be substandard advice (whether it be culturally, fees, education or product recommendations). In a perfect world there would be no need for financial advice and we would all survive in a balanced community of fairness and equality, however short of that occurring, dozzi’s structure, independent nature, team culture, adviser education, and general desire to achieve is what will see our clients walk away with different outcomes. Creating dozzi is the most significant act we can display of our desire to improve our clients’ lives and move the industry towards a more independent/no conflicts state.

Is ‘independently-owned’ the same as ‘Independent’?


While many firms in existence may be ‘independently-owned’, they certainly are not Independent. They may have underlying ties (such as their licence) to large institutions/banks or alternatively they have manufactured their own products which prohibits their ability to be Independent. This means that the decisions in regards to investments and products that they can recommend to you may be influenced. Some of these names may not sound familiar to you, however many of the banks own several other firms that distribute their products. In some cases ‘independently-owned’ firms are self-licenced, meaning they do have the ability to make their own decisions regarding investments and products they can recommend. However, they often receive commissions, incentives or legacy-based payments from products provides (such as insurance companies) as well as charge asset (percentage) based fees which is where they differ to Independent firms.

An independent firm is one that adheres to the following principals:

1. No ownership links or affiliations with product manufacturers. Impartiality is impossible where an adviser has links to a product manufacturer. Ownership links create an environment where the adviser resembles, at best, a well-intentioned salesperson.

2. No commissions or incentive payments from product manufacturers. Commissions are payments made by product manufacturers to their distribution network. They create a conflict of interest between advisers and their clients.

3. No asset-based (percentage based) fees. Asset fees, although are authorised by the client, are calculated precisely the same way a commission is calculated. Asset (percentage) fees are incentives that prevent an adviser from being impartial and therefore create a conflict of interest between adviser and client.

I don’t really understand superannuation or investments. Can you actually explain it to me?

Definitely. We feel that it is extremely important you understand the mechanics of your strategy and assets, we’re passionate about educating you.

Do I retain ownership of my investments?

dozzi never takes ownership of your investments or superannuation.  You are always in control. Our name is simply listed as your financial adviser.

Do I need to have a large capital base to work with dozzi?

No. Unlike other firms, you don’t need to have an asset base for us to invest for you. We can provide you with intelligent strategic advice to achieve your goals.


Doesn’t a financial adviser just invest my money for me?

The role of your financial adviser is much more than investing.  Financial advice can help you:

  • Set and achieve your financial goals.
  • Ensure that your personal financial situation is in order.
  • Review any government assistance that you’re entitled to.
  • Feel in control of your finances.
  • Avoid expensive mistakes.
  • Be an independent third-party to help you make informed life decisions.
  • Protect your assets for you and your family.

We ensure that you are educated about your strategy and understand why your strategy is in place, in simple terms.

Educated, intelligent advice can add greater value to your financial position than investment performance alone.  That is why it’s crucial to select the right adviser for you.

Meeting Locations

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