The go fundraise page continues our efforts to raise much needed awareness and funds for Mater Little Miracles (part of The Mater Foundation), and in doing so Caleb Dozzi has committed to running a half marathon (21km) in early September as part of the Running CEO’s charity program in Brisbane.

“I feel it necessary to let you know that the greatest distance I can ever recall running is about 4 km and that was in high school… a long time ago… even then I was still absolutely buggered afterwards, Caleb Dozzi.”

“A 21km run for me is really intimidating, but I’m not doing it for me, I’m doing it for all the expecting mothers and families out there in hope that this money can give another family and child a better chance at life. My son, thanks to the Mater Mother’s Hospital, is here. Let’s help make that dream come true for more people.”

Join Our Running Team!


What you need to do:

  1. Click the Link
  2. Select the distance you’d like to run
  3. Follow the prompts and be sure to Join the ‘dozzi Financial Advice’ Team when suggested.
  4. Pay the administration fee which covers your team attire for the afternoon and other incidentals for the race.

If you plan on joining our team it would be great if you could reach out to us and let us know (contact or call 1300 236 994) so we can make sure you’re linked to the dozzi Financial Advice team!

We have team members in all distances of the run including 5km, 10km and Half Marathon. SO no matter what you decide to do you’ll be joining other dozzi team members who will be there to give you support!

You can fundraise as well! As part of joining the dozzi team you can also decide if you’ like to raise funds to support Mater Little Miracles for the HUGE effort you are putting in! Of course if you’d prefer to just stick with participating in the run we totally get it and welcome you with open arms.

Invite your friends, your family even your work colleagues! Get a group together and let’s have some fun!

Contact our office if you want to discuss anything further or if you’ve decided to join the team

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