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2021 Wrap Up

This year we’ve all been presented with challenges and great opportunities. Around this time of year we’re asked to read the heavens and answer the question of ‘what’s going to happen in 2022?’

No matter the prediction made, there will always be some form of statistic or historical occurrence to further an argument and support a particular point of view.

Reflecting on many of the predictions that gathered steam in recent memory, it’s enlightening to see how few actually came to pass. A few predictions from some of the world’s best and brightest that turned out to not be so predictable include:

1. Healthcare will be the best performing sector given the demand caused by COVID-19. ANS: It was one of the worst performing sectors.

2. China would continue to be one of the best performing markets. ANS: Due to increased regulation and government crackdowns, China has performed relatively poorly this year.

3. In 2020 the energy sector was one of the worst performing sectors and this would continue. ANS: In 2021 energy would turn out to be one of the best performing sectors.

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