What we do?
Collaborate for
multigenerational prosperity.

Dozzi emphasises cultivating exceptional client relationships, often involving multiple generations at once. By building, preserving, and transitioning wealth across numerous lifetimes, we truly understand our clients’ drive to create wealth that spans generations.

Bespoke strategies,
defying the herd.

As a truly Independent Advisers, we’re solely dedicated to addressing the needs and goals of our clients. We’re free from the agendas often found in firms with parent companies, products, or ‘vertical integrations.’ This ensures that our strategies are specifically tailored to our clients, rather than ‘off-the-shelf products’. Not many Australian financial advisers can make the same claim.


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Our commitment to providing an extraordinary level of detail, specificity, and transparency has involved considerable time and effort. As a result, we serve as the vital connection between our clients’ present circumstances and their envisioned future of financial success and security.

Who we help.​

We specialise in working with high net worth individuals and families seeking to build, manage, and transition generational wealth. With our expertise and unwavering commitment, we guide you through each phase of wealth management, ensuring your financial legacy is both secure and enduring.

Our Services.

dozzi’s versatile expertise allows us to provide guidance for various life stages. While we offer all the essential components of financial planning, it’s our unique approach of integrating these disciplines that truly brings your strategy to life. We excel in harmonising the intricate aspects of your financial journey and thriving amidst complexity.

As life and family dynamics evolve, the significance of certain areas of advice will naturally shift. We have built our firm to adapt to your changing needs, fostering intelligent connections with specialists in accounting, estate planning, mortgage broking, and legal services when necessary. This ensures the optimal outcome for your financial goals.

Below is an overview of key areas where we provide direct assistance to our clients.

In our approach, goals represent the aspirations you wish to fulfil using your hard-earned capital. Whether it’s planning for retirement, travelling the world, building your dream home, attaining a certain net worth, or supporting your children’s education and property purchases, we understand that balancing personal objectives while building generational wealth can be challenging. Our passion lies in discovering what drives our clients and what truly matters to them, enabling us to develop tailored financial plans to bring their visions to life.

Investing forms the core of our services. Our focus is on long-term compounding returns, which remains at the heart of our portfolio design. However, through our structured approach and frequent investment committee meetings, we actively adapt our portfolios to seize opportunities as the investment landscape evolves. Our investment strategies span multiple asset classes and geographies, providing our clients with a diversified approach that reduces risk. With access to exclusive opportunities through our intelligent connections, our primary objective is to grow our clients’ assets while remaining vigilant about risk and capital preservation. We steer clear of chasing the latest “hot stocks” or taking speculative risks, as our experience has shown that such strategies often lead to capital erosion over time.

Tax planning involves the thoughtful management of both immediate and long-term taxation. As the adage goes, death and taxes are life’s two certainties hence, we collaborate with your preferred accounting professionals or help you find new ones to optimise outcomes and develop effective long-term tax strategies. We’ll guide you on the best entity to own your assets, maximising your net results (after tax and fees).

Often underestimated and underutilised, cash flow management can lead to immediate positive results. In today’s expensive world, understanding the relationship between your expenses, financial position, and goals is crucial for enhancing your financial outcomes, regardless of your wealth level. Our real-time cash flow software enables our team to stay in tune with your changing needs, ensuring you can enjoy your desired lifestyle while continuing to progress towards your objectives.
Navigating the right amount of debt and converting bad debt to good debt is crucial. While some families are debt-averse, others recognise debt as a powerful tool when managed properly. We provide our clients with analysis and guidance on debt management and restructuring, ensuring it aligns with your family’s financial journey. Our knowledge of market interest rates and various debt forms enables us to reduce interest costs and maximise tax-deductible debt through strategic advice. Our independence guarantees that our clients’ interests always come first, free from third-party influence.
Our expertise in superannuation advice allows us to illuminate the opportunities available in retail funds, industry funds, and SMSFs. We have no preference for any particular superannuation structure, offering unbiased analysis to empower our clients’ informed decisions. We help you determine the most suitable structure based on your preferences, costs, and risks while providing valuable advice on contribution, withdrawal, and other technical strategies throughout different life stages.

Retirement planning incorporates different advice for different people. For some, this process will incorporate the strategic and time sensitive sale of many assets, including residential and commercial properties, businesses, and other long held assets. For others it’s the continuation of their family strategy, incorporating access to capital in a manner consistent with their desired level of risk. Alternatively for some, retirement will simply be a movement from full-time employment into retirement as seamlessly as possible, freeing up time to spend elsewhere. Regardless of the position of your family or as an individual, strategic advice during these periods preceding retirement can be highly valuable for decades to come.

Personal insurance is often overlooked until a defining moment highlights its importance. At dozzi, we ensure our clients enjoy not only financial benefits but also peace of mind knowing we receive no commission or incentives from their insurance policies. We prioritise our clients’ best interests, offering unbiased guidance on the need, type, and amount of insurance coverage.
Navigating multigenerational family dynamics can be complex. We specialise in being a trusted partner for all family members, guiding the direction of family assets and ensuring everyone’s views and goals are considered. Whether it’s planning for wealth transition, setting up strategies to support children or elderly family members, or establishing a legacy through charitable endeavours, we help develop a comprehensive plan and connect you with the right specialists when needed.
Growing wealth beyond your primary asset or business can be a daunting task. It’s essential to determine the necessary commitment, minimise immediate and future taxation, and identify strategies that can enhance returns without disproportionately increasing risk. A successful wealth accumulation strategy is tailored to your family’s unique financial position, investment market experience, risk tolerance, and long-term objectives.

Our Process.

Disclaimer: This onboarding process is subject to change depending on each client’s unique situation and needs.

Initial Discussion
We begin with a friendly conversation to understand your current financial position and how we can help. We'll offer direct feedback on the suitability of our services and determine if we should move forward to a Discovery Meeting.
Discovery Meeting
Once we've established compatibility, we'll hold a Discovery Meeting, ideally in person. During this time, we'll delve into your motivations for seeking advice, your family's needs, and how we can assist. While we may start to explore your financial details, the primary focus is to determine if we're the right fit for your family.
Conceptual Discussion
We'll present an overview of our proposed strategies, supported by in-depth research and analysis. We'll discuss how these ideas align with your preferences and goals. Your feedback will help refine the strategy design to ensure it meets your needs and personal preferences.
Strategy & Implementation
Incorporating the insights and feedback from the Conceptual Discussion, we'll finalise our strategic approach and present our comprehensive advice to you. Once you're comfortable with the recommendations, we'll assist you in implementing them.
Strategy Supervision and Investment Management
We'll create a customised annual strategic plan that caters to your family's unique position and circumstances, providing the necessary solutions throughout the year. Our investment management process is anything but passive. We'll introduce you to our investment committee's approach, which includes regular updates, in-depth analysis, and alerts on recommended changes based on global economic conditions and market opportunities or risks.

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