What We Do

We are passionate about making a positive difference in peoples’ lives. To make a difference we must have an intimate understanding of your needs, goals and aspirations. We can then provide intelligent, independent financial advice with the intention of creating the best possible situation for you, and the people who matter most to you. Our independence allows you to have confidence that our advice, strategy, investment management, and internal culture will always be built, improved and grown to give our clients the best outcomes.

Our Process

From the very first meeting, our focus is on establishing and building trust, and gaining a strong understanding of what matters to you. Every client is different and has differing levels of knowledge and experience in dealing with financial advisers. Whilst we do have a proven process, it certainly isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. We personalise and tailor the pace and deliverables to ensure you’re always comfortable with the approach.

  • Advice

  • Strategy

  • Management

  • Growth

  • Results

  • 1. Initial Meeting

  • 2. Concept Meeting

  • 3. Strategy Presentation Meeting

Over the internet, phone or in person, we discuss your position and goals in order to obtain details specific to completing our research and analysis.

We present an outline of our conceptual strategies with detailed research and analysis conducted. We discuss these outcomes and how they sit with your preferences and desired outcomes.

Considering the results and feedback of our concept meeting, here we will formalise our strategic approach and present the finalised advice document. If comfortable, paperwork is signed.

  • 4. Implementation

  • 5. Ongoing

  • 6. Review

It is at this stage we implement all possible elements of your strategy that you have requested. Our goal is to take care of the majority, if not all implementation responsibilities to make this as smooth a transition as possible.

Our individualised service offering is implemented from day one, designed to keep both parties informed, comfortable and progressing.

We will establish a suitable recurring time frame for the regularity of review meetings designed to ensure your strategy is proactively managed and we remain up to date with your evolving circumstances.

Our Services

Financial Advice

To generalise what we do is difficult but here goes nothing. We are well versed in all areas of advice and we have a desire to become the leader in quality, independent, unbiased advice. Some of the following points outline specific areas in which we can assist our clients, however our only goal is to understand the dynamics of your family (be it a single person or family of 10) so that a strategic plan can be developed to suit your goals, family needs and interests. In our experience this need will grow over time as you’d expect in any family or individual life.

Investment Management

We have experience in many facets of investment management from industry superannuation funds, tailored investment allocations, and holding a seat on committees of privately managed investment portfolios trading over $100,000,000. Our desire is to listen to your needs and recommend an investment management strategy which improves the likelihood of reaching your desired outcomes. The only reliable element of an investment market is its unpredictability, so rather than paying extraordinary fees on the promise of outperformance (which often won’t be realised), we’d suggest an alternative.

Tax Planning

This concerns the strategic management of immediate and long term taxation. As the saying goes – death and taxation are the only two things you can be assured of in this life, so we incorporate our expertise as well as the expertise of our intelligent connections to provide you with a team of specialists to maximise your net (after tax and fees) outcomes.

Cash Flow Advice

This is an underrated and under utilised tool which will often produce some of the more immediate positive outcomes. We live in an expensive world whereby remaining informed of the related nature between one’s expenses, financial position and goals will ultimately be a determining factor of what financial growth is achieved and sustained. Our real-time cashflow software provides our technical department with a unique insight into opportunities for maximising our clients’ financial strategies and outcomes.

Debt Management

Reducing debt over a designated period is often an integral part of an overarching wealth creation strategy. It’s an approach which currently maximises the opportunities presented by a low interest rate environment. As a firm we understand market pricing for interest rates and different forms of debt, therefore assisting clients through our Intelligent Connections to reduce interest costs wherever possible and maximise tax deductible debt via effective strategic advice. Our independence ensures there is no third-party influence on the outcomes our clients deserve.

Superannuation / Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSF)

We are well versed in the area of superannuation advice. We are one of the few who can provide independent advice on the positioning of your superannuation assets. We have no preference as to our clients holding retail versus industry funds or a SMSF. We simply provide the analysis of opportunities and allow our clients to make informed decisions. Each structure provides different opportunities and will run at differing costs with fluctuating risks, the only question is which one is most suitable to you and your goals. Independent advice in this area is what most Australian’s should be looking for.

Retirement Planning

Retirement planning incorporates different advice for different people. For some, this process will incorporate the strategic and time sensitive sale of many assets, including real estate. For others it’s the continuation of their family strategy, incorporating access to capital in a manner consistent with their desired level of risk. Alternatively for some retirement will simply be a movement from full-time employment into retirement as seamlessly as possible, whilst minimising costs. Regardless of the position of your family or as an individual, strategic advice during these periods preceding retirement can be highly valued for decades to come.

Wealth Accumulation

Building wealth outside of superannuation or your business can be challenging. What commitment is required? How do you minimise immediate and future taxation? What strategies will typically increase your risk without commensurately increasing returns? An effective wealth accumulation strategy is informative, educational and places all participants on the path of their most preferred risk/return outcome. Debt (in moderation) can often be an effective tool for the right family to grow their wealth, however that doesn’t always mean it’s the best strategy to pursue.


Do you need personal insurance? What is it? How much do you really need? Many Australians choose to ignore these questions until such a time as there is a defining moment which awakens their desire/need for protection, at which stage it can be too late. Different circumstances heavily influence the outcome requirements of insurance when determining what is or isn’t appropriate. At dozzi, our clients benefit from the knowledge that we receive no commission or incentives that may influence what or who we recommend, as well as the benefit of reduced costs of insurance policies as a result of no commission payments. It’s a strategy conducive to highly beneficial and low-cost outcomes for our clients. An interesting aspect of insurance is that most Australians consider it imperative to have comprehensive car insurance or home & contents insurance… however rarely do they realise that they’ve underinsured themselves for the very asset providing them with the ability to buy the car or the house in the first place – their salary.


Personal Investments

Protecting Assets

Residential Property

Government Benefits

Insurance Policies

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