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Here’s some more information about the sort of people we’d love to have joining us at dozzi… and to be quite frank, it’s equally as important we are right for you as you are for us.  You need to be different, because we are.

What are your values? What are your aspirations? What is your ‘why’? What makes you want to work in this industry?

What are your life skills? What role or element of a role in Financial Planning do you love and where do you excel? Are you looking for a Part time or Full-time role? We are willing to be flexible for the right person.

We are a business that looks to use the best of our collective skills and abilities to build something unique, something better, something Australia hasn’t seen before.
The role will require flexibility and willingness to do ‘that’ task which is most required. The key to success for any new business is a willingness from all team members to do whatever it takes.

As a small, but growing business we all have exposure to numerous activities that don’t exactly fit neatly into a ‘typical’ financial planning position. What that means is no two days look the same.

To put this in more textbook terms, we are looking for someone to help us excel in areas of administration, paraplanning, implementation and advice… but this doesn’t mean you must be able to operate in all of them immediately. We want to build a team where ‘greatness’ is achieved, and not a team of individuals who fancy themselves as being ‘great’. Whatever your aspirations incorporate within the financial planning industry, whatever role you feel you are best positioned for, or whether you would like to learn something entirely new, we will support you and there will be a long-term position for the right person.

If you associate with the following beliefs and aptitude, then you should NOT apply for any position with us:

  • Have a fundamental belief in or support commission based revenue
  • Believe you’re the best thing since sliced bread (yes, we said that)
  • Think there is a higher priority than improving client outcomes and having a positive impact on the world around us.
  • Want minimum effort with maximum remuneration
  • Require precise and exact guidelines of what your duties will include
  • Believe certain tasks are ‘beneath’ you
  • Like routine
  • Don’t like being pushed
  • Can’t think outside the square

And to finish off, here’s a little about us.

Dozzi is different by choice. When trying to measure how different we are, it’s quite likely that if you have experience in the financial planning industry you’ll find that we break the norm in almost every category. From an Independence point of view, we have no products, don’t take commissions, don’t charge inflated or percentage based fees and we chose this path for one reason… we want to build a business and culture that has one sole purpose, to better the lives of everyone we come into contact with. Our excitement is derived from ‘just how much’ we can improve our client’s outcomes.

Some people call us a social business, some call us innovative and no doubt there are plenty calling us crazy. Rest assured the team behind our business have a diverse and extensive background in Financial Planning, having spent decades in a mixture of Australia’s largest Public and Private Financial Planning businesses. Did we mention we have a 3rd generation Financial Adviser and arguably one of the youngest Financial Planners to obtain the CFP designation in Australia as part of our team.

We all started out the same way, taking a first step. So, what will yours be? Doing the same thing as 99.5% of Financial Planning businesses? Or do you want to be a part of something different… truly different?

Please email your cover letter and CV to to caleb@dozzi.com.au

CVs without a cover letter will not be read.

Wishing you all the best whatever the outcome.

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